Early Night Club


Frequently Asked Questions


Last updated April 2023

Can you provide a refund if I can’t come to the event?

We’re sorry to say that we do not offer refunds, as is the case for most events. If we cancel the event, then a refunds will be provided, minus a small admin fee. Our tickets are always under £30 and as a small promotor, we simply could not afford to plan and invest in events if we had to refund anyone that changed their plans or could not come.

What is the age limit for your events?

The age limit is 18. Most of the venues we work with have an 18 age limit. We are also keen to create an adult space – a place for you to relax and have fun, so we have an over-18s policy.

Can I swap my ticket or sell it to someone else if I can’t come?

You can indeed transfer your ticket to someone else if you can’t make it. Advertise it on our Facebook page or get in touch if you need some help. We won’t always be able to help – but if we can, we will. You can’t however swap your ticket to another event, unless there are very special circumstances.

What does the ticket price include?

As a general rule your ticket price includes entry to the night – the disco, and also face painting by the brilliant Sophie Starlight – whom we pay for so you can have your glitter done for free. There may be a variation in price depending on the venue, this is due to the costs of putting on the event at different locations. Some of our venues we work together with in partnership, such as La Raza, who very kindly offer a welcome drink.

Does your event always finish at 11.30pm?

As a rule, yes. Sometimes at 11pm – please check your ticket confirmation and event information.

Do you always do events on Thursdays?

Mostly we can only do a Thursday as the venues we work with are open to the general public on Fridays and could not give us the whole venue for the night. We have occasionally done events on Fridays and may do again, but we find that Thursdays suit us as we can have a great party that is just for our customers and not with lots of other people that have a different expectation of a club night.